Monday, November 21, 2011

Surgery Tomorrow...2nd Battle

I will be undergoing surgery tomorrow. I am very excited because my body will be rid of this invading toxin. I know a person really cannot say 'cancer free' until all treatments are finished but I like to say tomorrow I will be cancer free, minus a few cells floating around, hopefully not!!!
I have decided to get a mastectomy, which is removal of one breast. The reason is because I am young and the younger a person is when diagnosed with this disease the more lethal it is. The one thing most people do not understand I have found out is premenopausal women usually are diagnosed with the higher grade of cancer than women who have reached menopause. The reason is because the disease feeds off of the hormones. I do not want to risk only removing the tumor and leaving any tissue behind that could possibly be hiding developing cells. I have strong support from my friends, some family and others have reacted with shock to my decision to remove a piece of my female anatomy, but which do I love more? My breasts or my life? When you are in survival mode nothing matters except your own life and your family.
I am not sure how I am going to react after surgery when I see my body. I know some days will be tough. I have cried because my son was given life from these breasts over the past year but they have done their job. They are now turning against me so time for them to be fired!!!
I hope tomorrow after surgery my doctor has good news that the cells have not invaded my lymph nodes and it has stayed local. I only have so much control over each day and the news presented to me.
A friend of mine told me tonight that I do have control over this. I had control over finding it and pushing others to help me get the right answer to what this lump was. She also confirmed I have control over how I choose the path to recovery. I felt better after hearing that, yes I do have control over this in some ways and I did start the path of winning the battle by finding the lump. That is why I am going to make sure new moms are aware of their bodies while breastfeeding and get lumps checked out!!!

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  1. I'm praying for you. I admire your strength and am here for you when you may not feel so strong or when you want to brag about how you've kicked cancers ass!